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imaging the subsurface of the Earth

smartTomo is a new generation software for refraction seismic tomography. It is designed to take advantage of the new multicore processors for a limitless experience. It is developed in Italy and support is from Italy.


Traces and dromochrones side by side

in smartTomo it is possible to visualize the traces and the dromochrones both in windows side by side and overlapping to globally monitor the picking of the first arrivals


Processing without limits

smartTomo hs been tested using a dataset consisting of 100 receivers and 101 energizations for a total of 10100 travel times. The software can process spreads with any number of geophones and energizations.


Built-in advanced displaying of results

smartTomo features a complete tool for displaying results. No third-party software is required.
Profiles can be displayed in different modes: speed, vertical gradient and Laplacian.

SmartTomo is a NEW software for seismic refraction tomography. It allows to reconstruct an image of the subsoil through a fast and intuitive procedure. The result is obtained through the optimization of the initial model that can be defined by the user to reproduce the geological features of the area examined. SmartTomo exploits an optimized implementation of the Moser method, ( "Shortest path calculation of seismic rays.” Geophysics 56.1 (1991): 59-67),  and optimizes the results through the Simultaneous Iterative Reconstruction Technique. To be efficient, smartTomo uses the computing power of modern multicore CPUs and minimizes the memory required

Geo-referenced profiles

using SmartTomo it is possible to geo-reference the profiles by simply entering the coordinates of the first and the last geophone. The geo-referenced profiles can be exported and displayed on topography

Export results

All results can be exported in different formats: PNG, PDF, ODT and the speed model can be exported as structured text (csv) to be imported into external viewers

User friendly

SmartTomo is newly built. This means that it is designed to be easily used, with a clear and easy to learn user interface.


Official seller

For commercial information and to get a quote, contact the official distributor: Geostudi Astier srl.

Development and technical support

For technical support mail to:


March 2019

Version 2019.1 released

NoRe - Adaptive Noise Reduction.
Spectrum calculation and manual filters
Loading of geometry from CSV files
Improved axes of the profile

October 2018

Version 2019.0 released

New visualization of results
Calculation of speed gradients

April 2018

Version 2018.0 released

November 2017

Developed an optimized solver for parallel operation

Rewritten the algorithms to best exploit multi-core processors

February 2017

First version of the solver developed


imaging the subsurface of the Earth


Technical support:
Commercial information:
Geostudi Astier Srl.