Download demo

The smartTomo demo version allows the users to perform tomographic processing on a preloaded dataset.
The dataset has been recorded on a landfill site where the limestone rock substrate deepens from right to left. The data has acquired by a 16-bit, 16-channel seismograph made by SARA Electronic Instruments . Six energisations were carried out which allowed to identify the geometry of the filling materials.

The following profile represents the interpretation made with the GRM method using the smartRefract software.

Profilo a rifrazione che individua l'andamento del substrato

The image below represents the tomographic profile that can be created using the demonstration version of smartTomo.

Sezione tomografica realizzata con smartTomo che mostra il substrato che si approfondisce da destra a sinistra.

The demo version can be downloaded from the following link:

smartTomo requires a PC with Windows 10 and at least 4 GB of RAM.