smartTomo 2020.0 released

The SmartTomo 2020.0 version introduces new features and numerous bug fixes compared to previous versions. From this version SmartTomo becomes a full-featured software for refraction seismics by integrating both the tomographic processing with GRM method seismic refraction. Now within the software it is possible to perform refraction processing and display the refraction profile either separate or overlaid with the tomographic processing.

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Seismic refraction profile elaborated with smartTomo using GRM procedure

In SmartTomo we give a lot of importance to the ability to display results without the need to use external software. The visualization of the tomographic profile is the means by which specialists interpret the results and therefore it is essential that it is versatile and clear. Version 2020.0 introduces the possibility to choose the size of the geophones display on the profile.
From this version it is possible to compose on screen the view to be exported and save it directly on file obtaining a true copy of the screen. This also allows the creation of focused details of the profile.

In addition SmartTomo from version 2020.0:

  • imports files in seg2, sgy and SU formats;
  • allows you to choose the density of the labels on the isolines avoiding overlapping;
  • export profile screenshots to get enlarged details of the tomographic section.

Results Testing

This version of smartTomo has been tested using a synthetic dataset available on the forum. It is a 3-layers profile with a slope in the deepest refractor.

Profile of the ground-truth model used to test smartTomo

The dataset has been analyzed with smartTomo obtaining the following profile:

Seismic profile processed using SmartTomo 2020